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This years Midland Counties Cross Country Champs were at Berry Hill Mansfield. The weather was very mild but the wind was blowing a gale.
The M65+ race was run with the senior women's race over 8km( 1 x 2k lap and 2 X 3k laps) the course was a little muddy but firm enough to run in racing flats.
The start was straight into a headwind and slightly uphill I noticed another athlete in my age group and I followed him but he was keeping around 10-15m in front of me, I noticed on the uphill section I was closing on him, only for him to move in front once the terrain flattened. As we hit the last hill on the 1st lap I put in a surge to close the gap, my plan was to stick close behind him for as long as possible, but he seemed to be slowing so I decided to push on and see if I could distance him. From the shouts of his team mates I knew he was close behind for the next 1k so I went for it and managed to pull out a sizeable advantage and just concentrated on getting to the finish. On the last lap my coach shouted that I was leading the Masters mens race, which surprised me. with about 1.5k to go I was feeling weak and was struggling into the headwind and was overtaken by another master athlete I managed to stick with him until the last hill around 400m from the finish where he broke away and I could not respond. I crossed the line 12 seconds behind. for 2nd place. Unknown to me at the time I was beaten by an athlete in the M70 age group, so I did get a Gold medal for the M65 category. I think that will be my last Cross country race for this season.

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