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I know the title makes this thread look immediately out of place :) And apologies in advance for the following essay...

About a year ago I did some downhill mountain biking in the Alps and fell over an embankment onto my right shoulder and head (don't worry - I was wearing so much body armour that I looked like a power ranger!) I'm never very brave in these situations and writhed around screaming, convinced that I'd broken something - though no idea what.

Didn't have any travel insurance - genius - so visited GP when I got home. From my reported symptoms, he was worried I might have lacerated my liver and referred me to hospital. I was prodded a bit by a rushed doctor who gave me some pain killers for musculo-skeletal damage. And that was that.

It's almost a year later and I'm worried I might be suffering from not having seen an osteopath or chiropractor. Aches and niggles through my right ankle, knee, hip; stooped posture and some other stuff. I had my ankle on ice after a run tonight because of a horrible shooting pain somewhere on the lower-inside of the joint - really hard to pinpoint, no amount of prodding helps!

I did go out in some new, neutral running shoes tonight and I probably haven't done myself any favours in wearing the wrong kind of shoe up until now! (needless support for over-pronation).

Happily, I'm seeing an osteopath on Friday and I suppose he'll give me the advice I need. I just wanted to ask others here if they had any pearls of wisdom! Has anybody ever had problems with posture? Any similar trauma-type injuries affected anybody's running?

I'm supposed to be running a 10k in Merthyr Tydfil on Sunday. If my ankle - which is the most niggling of my aches and pains - doesn't improve, I might have to knock that on the head. Grr :mad:
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