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My physio (who is not near where I currently live) has advised me that my shoulders and upper back are completely locked up, with long established muscle spasms. And this is cause of other pain and problems.

She has recommened a course of 4-6 treatments aimed at releasing the spasms and knots. With someone qualified to do trigger point / accupressure treatment. She says it isnt the same as sports massage. I am struggling to find a suitable therapist. Internet searching brings up a load of fluffy new age sites. I will struggle to pay for the 4-6 treatments, and I want to find someone that will really go deep (ouch) and work to remove all the muscle knots and spasms, rather than do a light massage, and charge me lots for it.

My physio has given me a series of stretches and exercises to go with the treatment.

Any ideas how I find the right therapist? Any recommendations? I live in Twickenham, work in Westminster / Victoria. Can access anywhere by car around SW London / outskirts. Spend a lot of time in Chobham / Chertsey area. Have a feeling further out of London and treatment in someone's home might be cheaper?

Many thanks

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