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Hi all,

Two things that you should know before trying to help me:
- My left leg is shorter than the right one in only 1cm.
- I have over-pronation in my left foot perhaps because of the above mentioned?

This is my brief and questions:

I have overpronation in my left foot since I was borned but I never treated it in a sport clinic cuz I did not have neither any pain in my knee nor injury in it or any other part of the body... I have to tell that I was football player from 1990(I was 7yo) till 2002( I was 18). In 2002 I stopped playing football cuz i went to study abroad.

Before going to study abroad in 2002 a Spanish Sport Doctor made me a biommechanical study and he noticed that I had the left leg shorter than the right one in 1cm so he putted me a 1cm "plain insole" in my left footwear After that I did some regular sport (running) form 2002 till 2004 in my new city without any problem.

But Since 2004 I started to feel a bit of pain in my left patella tendon without any specific reason( perhaps the "plain insole"... or the "overpronation" ) and since 2005 till now I have been trying to run again but I can't cuz I feel lot of Pain in my left patellla tendon and also I feel that I have no strenght in my left leg like if I missed all my muscles there.

I think I should go to a footstudy/biomechanical clinic to study if I need an appropiate insole in my left foot (specific for overpronation foot) and also go to a Sport injury clinic to remove the Pain in my patella tendon.

So now I am working in London and have researched about this two clinics:
footfactor clinic
puresportsmed clinic

What do you think that could be the reason of this inexplicable injury in my left patella tendon?
Do you know any good sport injury clinic in London apart of the research I did?
Do you think that I should mix both foot/ biomechanical study and sport injury clinic?

All the advices are wellcome cuz I one of my dreams is to be able to run again or even walk without any pain in my patella tendon.

Thanks in advace.

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