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Hey Guys, My name is Dave. Im 21. I am from Cleveland, Ohio(US). Let me say Ive been going through this site for about a week before I finally joined. I joined this forum because there are no good forums for the US! This seems like a great place and I am proud to be a member now!

Just to get an idea about me.I love to run, and thats just it. I played everything in highschool and excelled, so Im pretty athletic. I just started running again about 8 months ago. But I had to stop because Im going to school (Full Sail-Recording Arts) now, Im am very busy with it, and hardly have time to run. Before I left to go to school I was running 15 miles. Which I never thought I could do because I was always a sprinter in highschool track. So 15 miles was the furthest I can run thus far, and was well on the path to running the cleveland marathon by me. I also used liquid Runners Creotine (I really dont know if it helped or not, or just was a self full-filling prophecy). So there!


PS- I always wondered aboutendorphines. Because while I was doing my long runs, they would kick in at a certain mileage, then they kept getting later and later with every time out and then eventually stopped. Is there anyway I could somewhat control it?

Sorry if this post is in the wrong section)
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