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I started doing the couch to 5k and was advised that pronation is an issue for me. I expected this as I was also advised about this when I bought my hiking boots. My left ankle in particular tends to shift inward when I walk and, of course, this is more pronounced when I run. I have a very high instep. I am also slightly knock-kneed but this has never caused me any problems.

Anyway, I got a gait analysis and was advised to get a pair of Brooks Ghost 14 Cushion Neutral. I put them on and went for a trial run but returned to the shop as I immediately developed a pain in my left hip. I was advised that this was because I was using muscles in a different way to previously - I'd suspected as much but I just wanted confirmation.

However, following another attempt yesterday, the hip seemed to be less of an issue but both knees became very sore and feel weak. They still are. Even standing from a sitting position is painful.

Is this something that should improve or should I rethink the running shoes? If it's simply a matter of 'toughing it out' until my muscles get used ot it, I can do that but I don't want to make things worse by continuning on the wrong path.
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