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Hi all I’d have to say that I’m pretty new to running. I did the couch to 5k thing about 10 years ago but that was to get fit for a medical for the fire brigade. I didn’t get the job and I didn’t carry on running. I’m now 37 and have two children which have kept me from exercise in general (that’s my excuse anyway!)

I’m looking for some advice to do with injuries. When I used to run I’d get really sore knees, hips, back, neck, shoulders and feet. After speaking recently to a friend who runs and doing some research I found that it may be to do with my gait. I think I’m a supinator based on the way my shoes wear down so I did some research into which trainers would be best for me. I found it quite overwhelming and found that many companies now no longer focus on trainers specifically for over pronation and supination but mainly on neutral running styles as the jury is out over the benefits of these.

Anyway being locked down and thinking it’d be great to use the time to try and get fit I decided that, as I couldn’t get my gait analysed and/ or see a medical professional for advice, I’d buy what I thought were a decent pair of running shoes and restart on the couch to 5K. I bought myself a pair of ASICS gel nimbus 22s. I’ve been on two runs since them arriving and injured my left calf muscle on both occasions.

The first part of the couch to 5k as many of you will probably be aware is 1 minute running and 90 seconds walking repeated 7 times. I’d seen that it’s bad to stretch “cold” muscles and as the run starts with a 5 minute brisk walk as a warm up I thought I’d be ok. I was on my 4th minute of running and as I came to slow down and stop I felt a burning twinge right at the bottom of my calf. I tried to walk it off but to no avail and had to rest it for a week. I didn’t exercise at all until I had absolutely no pain in my calf. The second run was a week after the first and almost the identical thing happened although I tried a few warm up stretches prior to my 5 minute warm up walk this time. I’m not particularly overweight I’m 6ft and 13 stone. I’ve obviously not done much exercise for a while but I wasn’t pushing myself too hard.

I’m at a bit of a loss and rather despondent as I thought I’d be up and running (excuse the pun) by now. Does anyone have any tips or advice which might help me to get my running off the ground? apologies for the super long waffly post!
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