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Hi everybody

Was just after some advice really.

I have lost 4 stone 6 over the past ten months and now weigh 9 stone 10 (ish ! ).

I have started running and am getting pretty addicted which i never ever thought would happen ! I couldn't run 100 yards before but can now do 22 mins with ease without needing to walk.

Have entered a run in Hyde park at beginning of September its 5k so should be up to scratch for it , shouldn't i ? !

Anyway what i wanted to know is how do i measure the distance i am able to run ? rather than talking in minutes . is there an accurate inexspensive perdometer type thing i can get ?

Any other tips to getting fitter would be great, how many times aweek to run etc

thanks lots

Georgie ( I'm 32 by the way if that has any reflection on my possible fittness level )
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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