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How do i get better? The pain is increased by walking and driving. Cycling seems to be ok.

Rest and RICE is one thing but walking can make things worse.

This is an overuse/ stress injury from a 1/2 marathon fell run it was also my first run over 10 miles (due to IT band issues) and i tried to follow a 10 min mile group over 1100ft of off road climbing (for the first 11 miles). 2:26 at the finish

How long do these sort injuries take to clear up?
What sort if any help is massage and what is the best way to do it?
Can orthics help? and are heat mouldable footbeds as good?

Yes I finished the race ignorance and blind determination got me through it but can i make 2 more races in March and April? (I have scrapped Jan and Feb races).

Any advice would gratefully received

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