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What a buzz! This was our (my girlfriend and I) first running event ever and we had a fantastic time. We trained for about 8 weeks and were really pleased with our times. I did 53mins52secs, Jane 57mins33secs. For a first race, I was very proud of our times and now we've both got the running bug in a big way!

We'd like to run a half-marathon in about 6months - can anyone recommend any around March time? We'd like one as flat as possible for our first attempt! Would be grateful for any suggestions.
Also, I want to run the Great North Run next year - I've heard it is very very hilly! Can any veterans verify this?!

Thanks a lot.


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Lots of half marathons around in Feb and March near London...
- Watford
- Reading
- Wokingham
- Fleet
- Silverstone
- Milton Keynes

Then into April and May there are also:
- Stratford Upon Avon
- Orpington
- Richmond

Lots of those will also have big numbers of people (although not Orpington!)

Then there are also heaps of 5km, 10km and 10 mile races too - enjoy :)

(GNR this year was undulating rather than hilly - definitely not as flat as Hyde Park but not as undulating as e.g. Windsor Half Marathon either)
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