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Hi all. I was hoping some of you could help with my undergrad dissertation survey. I am investigating the impact Nike Vaporfly Next % running shoes are having on sub-elite distance runners and would love it if you could help. There is some criteria you must hit in order to be able to participate in this research. If you have achieved ANY of the times below AND have not participated in an international sporting event at SENIOR level then please can you help me (If you have competed at senior level,congrats but sadly you cannot be involved in this research).
Also it would be much appreciated if ALL runners and coaches could share this as my sample group is quite small so need to get as many of you speedy people as possible.

Much love to you all
Male Female
5k 5k
< 14:30.00 <17:20
10k 10k
< 31:40.00 <40:00
Half marathon Half marathon
< 68:10.00 <79:50:00
Marathon Marathon
< 2:28:00 <2:56:30
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