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Dear All

I wonder if someone can help.

We recently bought a Nordic Track 2950 treadmill, including an iFit subscription and Active pulse.

My wife who mainly uses the treadmill, is trying to follow some exercise programmes using iFit and the active pulse setting but the software is returning weird HR ranges. As you would expect the software has the ability to input HRmax and RHR which would logically be the values used by the software to calculate HR targets during exercise.

However, when using the active pulse setting which is supposed to adjust speed/incline on the treadmill to allow the runners HR to be within the desired range it is giving really odd values.


As you can seem, Zone 5 is in line with her measured value, however the other values are all too high and do not represent the % of HRmax they purport to. E.g Zone 1 should be 92- 110bpm based on HRmax value of 183bpm (her actual measured value using Polar HR strap/monitor).

So whilst the 100% value is correct, all the others are not and are too high.

Nordic Track whilst initially very helpful with setting up the treadmill are now becoming obtuse and effectively refusing to discuss the issue.

We are therefore wondering whether a) we are misunderstanding the HR values posted (I have been erging on a Concept2 for c.10 years training using HR values consistently so this may be the case but i am not convinced) and b) if we are not misunderstanding the way HR values should be calculated whether others have the same system and are experiencing the same issues?

Any help/thoughts very much appreciated.

Thanks Glenn and Emma.
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