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Okay this is abit of a strange one.

Ive been running 4 Miles every other night in my shoe shop fitted Asic Gel 1120's (red ones) and they have been fine. anyway I started thinking about wearing another pair in before the other ones wear out, plus I wanted to have a second pair for at work so I could run some lunchtimes so I purchased another new pair of Asic Gel 1120's this time the blue ones so I didnt get mixed up with old an new (good idea eh?) as they are both 1120's I dont think the colour makes any difference.

Anyway back to the story, last night I went for a 4 mile run in my new blue Asics and after about 2.5 miles my ball of my right foot was going numb, so I stopped at bench and took shoe off, checked my socks werent bunched up or anything, loosened laces abit on trainer and off I went. My feet were fine for another mile then the ball of my right foot started going numb again.

Any reasons why, the only difference between the two sets of trainers other than the colour is in my red (old) ones I have sorbothane (sp) double strike insoles and the new ones are just standard, could this be the problem?

Any help appreciated.

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