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Hi all,

I've been a regular runner since my early 20's in multiple disciplines, trail, road and some adventure racing. After work commitments increasing during the past two years, my weekly mileage slowly dropped off until ultimately - I stopped running. I know, I know - Poor excuse. Admittedly it was through laziness as opposed to not having the time to do it.

Fast forward to now, I reintroduced myself slowly over the course of a couple of months and I'm pretty much back to where I used to be.

During my last run (4 days ago) I noticed an odd sensation in my left knee, about 500m from home on a slight decline, It felt like the knee cap was "wobbling" or shifting when i extended my left leg and it contacted the ground. I immediately stopped and investigated, the knee felt as it should and there was no movement in the knee cap. I walked the rest of the way home. A day passed and I started to notice that my knee would hurt - specifically when I'm in bed laying in certain positions, or if I've been stationary/seated then move.

The pain is not excruciating, I just know it's there.

I've always worn fitted running shoes, I have a pair for the road and a pair for trail running, both of which I replace annually.

Obviously with the current climate and by my own interpretation, this not being that serious. I thought I'd post on here first before clogging up my local GP's waiting room with an unnecessary appointment.

Wondering if anybody has experienced anything similar or has any advice?

Hope you're all well & staying safe.

Best regards,

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