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Slowly a pain has been developing in my right toes which has today become quite bad

If you imagine you've got a stone in your shoe and you walk with your full weight

with the stone underneith the toes - that's the kind of pain it is!

It has never happened while I'm running only occasionally when walking, though I

think if I ran on it now it would hurt... So what started off as an infrequent shot

of sudden pain is now aggravating me almost every time I put weight on my toes and

it's really bugging me what it might be.

Could it be arthritis? - I'm 40 so maybe not too suprising, eh?

Someone mentioned gout to me but that usually appears in the big toe with swelling,

I haven't experienced any swelling and the pain comes from my little toes.

How can I tell what it is?

Maybe I should think about going to the doc's?

Your help is appreciated
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