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With signs a potential foot/ankle problem earlier in the week, and with a lot of spare time before I go back to university, I decided to avoid doing my usual sprints / intervals (just to be safe) and go for a load of bike rides this week (and probably next week too) instead.

This is probably nothing compared to most, but I feel unusually proud to have moved ~100 miles this week. :p Earlier on I saw that I was close to 100, and as the weather was nice I decided to go out again lol. This is probably more than I moved in all of 2010-2012 combined!

Most of them were "easy" rides, but I pushed 2-3 of them really hard. I'm surprised my bike is still standing - it was given to me for free about 10 years ago and was in pretty bad condition even back then. Fairly low gears / slow / heavy, but does the job :)

I'm considering riding to university (9 miles there and another 9 back) at least once a week when I go back. I'm not particularly confident on the roads though, and my timetable means I may have to ride home in the dark on some days. It would save loads of money though. A year ago I would never have considered this.
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