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Well, as this is the review section i thought i would post a quick one about my HRM..

I think that, for the money, the Polar RS200 is a great piece of kit, not only does it monitor your heart rate and split it into zones, you also get the foot pod to measure your speed and distance.

The one thing i found hard when i first started running was trying to pace myself properly, this watch has helped no end and I would recommend it to anyone.

It doesn't use GPS, so you'll have no problems around tall buildings etc ;) And tbh it's actually fairly acurate - i've tried it on a couple of 5k & 10k's and the distance was correct.

You can upload to your PC, but only via SonicLink - once you master you mic recording levels this is a breeze - and you can then upload your info to Polar's Running Coach site which helps track your data..

I picked mine up from Treadbear and it was only £118 - considering RRP is something like £150 it was a great deal, and it has now become an invaluable piece of kit...

What do other people use - if any??
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