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I would post more on here if i could..... this is a great site to make you feel good......... lately not been feeling myself also... BUT on a good note.

I have decided not to do a half marathon in april (Bungay half) because i have calculated i have done.

3 cross countries
1 x 7 mile race
1 x 5k mile race
1 x 10 mile race
3 x 5k time trials
1 x 20k race
1 x half marathon

and thats not missing a training session since i started 6 months ago only.

So i am going to slow down a bit lol

But i have booked races for

Charity Race this good friday 10k
Dereham 10 mile race in May
British 10k july
Great East Anglian Run 10k May
Run to the beat in October (half)

And possibly Amsterdam half in October with club hopefully


But they are spread out dont you think :d
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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