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My race schedule until the end of the year is as follows:- :eek:

Sun 30/9 Felixstowe 1/2m
Tue 2/10 WVAC 5k Handicap
Sun 28/10 Fram. XC
Sun 4/11 WVAC XC
Tue 6/11 WVAC 5K Handicap
Sun 11/11 Stowmarket Scenic 7m
Sun 18/11 or 25/11 Bungay XC
Sun 2/12 Norwich 1/2m
Tue 4/12 WVAC 5K Handicap
Sun 9/12 Woodbridge XC
Sun 16/12 Turkey Trot 10m

Do I wish I was still injured?

Of course not!:d

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I have no doubt that'll keep you highly motivated for the remainder of 2007! It's always a bit fo a toss-up, the less events you do the more time you can spend preparing... and vice versa. But when do people complete an event and wish they'd stayed at home? lol, not very often imo!!!
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