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I tried to reply to your question the other day thumbs but my fingers didn't type fast enough and I timed out and lost the essay that I wrote in response.Lucky you.
I'll keep it shorter this time!

By varying your running with fartlek,intervals,hill repetitions,long slow runs etc. it will have many benefits in i.m.h.o.

It will keep you interested and prevent running feeling like a chore.

It will build up your fitness in all areas by improving your stamina,aerobic/anaerobic fitness levels.

Your body will learn to adapt to all types of running and cope better given time.

As long as you don't over do it with the harder sessions you will see great results.

Your diet is equally as important to.

good luck.

(I am sure someone will add to or maybe correct this)!

Oops. It did turn out to be an essay!
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