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Running Improvement weekend- Pose Technique with Dr Nicholas Romanov

Livingston (15 miles east Edinburgh on 24/25 March, 07

Are you interested in learning how to run faster, much more efficiently and significantly reduce (even possibly eliminate altogether) most of the common running injuries?

Dr Romanov coming to visit Scotland for first time ever this year. A fantastic opportunity to get some practical tuition in local area.

Clinic will be approx 50% theory (lectures, video analysis and questions) and 50% practical running with demonstration and practise of drills etc, use of video. It’s a full intensive weekend with plenty of individual coaching.

Technique equally applicable to novice runner as competitive athlete/triathlete so all standards welcome.

Cost- pretty expensive at $500 (about £255 with current exchange), but maybe a small price to pay instead of motion control shoes, orthotics, physio bills and not to mention, time off work and training?

Lots of info freely available on website (discovered I can't put full reference to website on forum, sorry

This is first time we’ve tried to get clinic in Scotland. It we can make success of it, we may be able to hold others in future.

Hope to see you there.

If any queries or for more information, contact Gwen on 07799 621554 or send me message and will give you my personal email - again forum page won't accept.
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