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Hola. Belated Happy 2020 and also Happy Chinese Year of the Rat.

I've just spent a while searching one of those running/cycling masks that people generally seem to wear in City centres. I'm looking for one for running - as I'm particularly concerned about the short and long term effect of traffic fumes (nasty chemicals that are believed to cause respiratory and heart problems as well as contribute to vascular dementia etc.). Unfortunately avoiding the road on my (or any run) is impossible these days - even on my road it seems like everyone has 3 cars.
I have been using the gym treadmill a bit more these days, but even then I've actually got to travel to the gym which is a shorter but even more polluted journey than my usual running route.

Currently I've discovered that any mask should at least have a double filter to try and filter out the smallest particles possible, down to PM 2.5 at least. Some kind of valve system - for breathing obviously and most importantly fit sealed around your face - as any gap by the nose or elsewhere will render a mask mostly useless.

So I'm wondering if anyone here uses them (and if you regularly run by or even near traffic-ed roads, why not?). If you do, which one would you recommend? Thanks.
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