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Hey fellow runners,

As a multi-marathon runner and sports injury therapist;

I want to research bout delivering a 'hold your hand through your first marathon' programme.
Please be brutally honest, this is market research, just for folks like you!!!

program includes:
  • Reassurance! Hold your hand the whole way to your first marathon!
  • 5 months (20 weeks of support)
  • Race-day coping strategy
  • Video calls (zoom) pre-scheduled 1x week to discuss progress/issues/injuries/mental techniques – your energy and life demands WILL change, super flexible training scheme. – work around life, injures, etc.
  • 16-week est. of training with 2 weeks post-race-day recovery instruction, calls, etc.
  • video analysis running (gait), flexibility and mobility
  • flexible ‘plans’ to get a strong marathon finish – mobility, circuits
  • Nutritional evaluation and manipulation with your increasing training demands.
  • Weekly journal submissions: reporting things like energy levels, thoughts about training, emotions, how body feels, sleep quality, screenshots/reports of running from that week. to make the most of our video calls – really get to business and get you mentally, physically prepared to ‘hit the wall’ and bust the hell through it.

A fellow running friend, a cheerleader behind the screen.

*Would that be something you would be interested in?
*How much would you be willing to pay?
*Is there anything you would want adding to the service?

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