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....because they have given me a free pair of their GRID Triumph 3 shoes. :d :d

I previously used the Triumph 2 shoes, but both pairs that I had, the clear window that you can see the GRID system on the heel burst at about 300 miles. You could hear the air being pushed out on every step. The problem was on the right shoe and the hole was in the same place, so I sent them back to Saucony and asked if there were any known defects with this shoe. They came back to me; although they couldn't find a defect in the shoes, they acknowledged that 300 miles is on the lower limits of a running shoes life, and they would expect their shoes to last considerably longer for someone of my build. So they offered me a brand new pair of the Triumph 3's.

Top class running shoes, and top class customer service to go with it.
:d :d :d :d
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