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focus1 said:
HI - just joined the forum. Have not done any running for a while as I have had a bad back. I am following walk/run 8 week plan. Anyone got any tips. Thanks :

Welcome aboard.

Kauto Star in Gold Cup Friday...

..... but I guess you really want advice on running!

Main thing is to get the right running go to a proper running shop and get a pair fitted...have a gait analysis done.

I could go on but I'll let other have a go...:d

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Don`t try to run to fast,

Take your time........... and enjoy it..........:d


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Welcome .

watch the impact if your going to run on the roads a lot

Try to vary the surface you run on eg grass, tarmac, beach if possible

I've had a disc out and can pretty much carry on as normal.

Just done a half marathon !

You don't say if your a lady or gentleman in your profile but either way to improve your back strength it's a good idea to work on your stomach muscles

It's also a good thing if you don't have( there's no way of puting this politely) big guts

To help your back further posture is also important try not to slouch on the sofa or sit cross legged this puts a lot of strain on an achey back .

You 've probably been told to bend yoiur knees when you lift and to keep the weight as close to your body as possible in other words short levers .

I could go on but i'm starting to bore myself:eek:

All said and done enjoy your running

keep us informed of your progress

Take it easy

1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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