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As the title suggests, this is where you can stick any suggestions for the site you might have, no matter how big or small.

All suggestions considered, not all will be implemented.

In Discussion

In Progress

Suggestion: All the damn spam
Outcome: Working hard on it. Currently using ip bans and first post moderation

Not Doing

Suggestion: Have the Ladies forum limited to female access only
Outcome: Didn't seem to be enough interest by the ladies of the board

Suggestion: A chat room
Outcome: Did it. Didn't take off

Suggestion: A way of marking individual posts read without reading them, specifically on the New Posts list
Outcome: Don't really see the need. Using New Posts and Mark Forums Read effectively does this

Suggestion: Sticky the "what do you listen to" thread(s)
Outcome: Choosing which threads to stick is not easy. Use the report button to suggest merges

Suggestion: A "Gone Racing" button for people to show they're not around at the moment
Outcome: Won't work. Once the novelty wears off people will forget to set

Suggestion: A "Go to top" button on each post
Outcome: Don't see the need. Adds clutter

Suggestion: Fantasy Runners Forum
Outcome: Doesn't seem to be any support for it

Suggestion: Games Arcade
Outcome: Lot of effort to install and integrate. Will be played for about a week until the novelty wares off.


Suggestion: Sidebar Pace Calculator works out speed
Outcome: To Do.

Suggestion: Iphone / Low bandwidth skin
Outcome: Looked into it briefly. Postponed

Suggestion: Brand sponsored board with discounts for members
Outcome: No advertisers have contacted us with such an offer so far, but we'd be open to the possibility

Suggestion: A list of who is doing which races
Outcome: Postponed or possibly cancelled. Races section needs looking at

Suggestion: Custom mileages for PB
Outcome: The way we currently store PBs make this impossible. More custom system may be developed in future

Suggestion: Stickies to cover frequently asked stuff, including injuries
Outcome: Was considered but didn't go anywhere.

Suggestion: Garmin imports to the training blog
Outcome: Unlikely but never say never


Suggestion: Photo Gallery
Outcome: The VB gallery does the trick nicely. Find it under User Links > Pictures & Albums

Suggestion: RSS Feed.
Outcome: There already is. Details. However it could do with an actual interface

Suggestion: New Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down smilies
Outcome: Will find some stylish non-copyright ones and install those

Suggestion: Spell checker.
Outcome: The most recent coded one doesn't work on this version of VB. Most browsers have spell check built in. IE has a downloadable one

Suggestion: Put the "from x to y" mileage threads in an easy to access place
Outcome: It, along with any other favourite threads, can now be put on the 'Threads & Posts' menu for easy access

Suggestion: "Mark Forums Read" button
Outcome: Can be found in 3 places

Suggestion: One-stop runners FAQ
Outcome: Glossary, Beginners Guide

Suggestion Recipies Forum
Outcome: Recipies Forum

Suggestion: X to Y runs have a running total on the main page
Outcome: Can be found at the bottom of the home page, in the "What's Going On" box

Suggestion: Better pace calculator
Outcome: Done as a sidebar block

Suggestion: Tally of all miles run by members on the front page
Outcome: Can be found at the bottom of the home page, in the "What's Going On" box

Suggestion: Multiple definitions for the same smilies, e.g. :p and:P being equal
Outcome: Done

Suggestion: Add in different ranges for Top Posters in the sidebar
Outcome: Done, similar to Top Miles

Suggestion: Move Triathlons & Duathlons to the Training section
Outcome: Done

Suggestion: A way to exclude certain forums and order results on the "get new posts" and "get daily posts". Requested in this thread
Outcome: Done. Find the options here

Suggestion: Total running time in the sig
Outcome: Total miles done & running time per week and per year in the infobit

Suggestion: Classifieds Section for private members to ask & sell
Outcome: Needs to be discussed, but is something I'd like to do for private members and companies/corporations

Suggestion: Top Miles-Per-Period Compare Page
Outcome: Done

Suggestion: TapaTalk integration
Outcome: Done.

Suggestion: Facebook group
Outcome: We had one that I now can't find, and we have a second which isn't used.

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You can upload photos to your own album via UserCP -> Networking -> Pictures & Albums (also on the navbar -> Quick Links)

Those photos will then appear on your profile, assuming they aren't private.

There is the possibility of including race-based photo albums in the distant future.

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Me and Dan have spoke about the iphone before.

There are a couple of iphone styles around, but I don't have an iphone so testing things would be hard work, plus the time taken to design and maintain the style.

However it isn't ruled out for the future.

If you prefer, you can use the default vb style by going to Runners Forum - UK Running Forum

It doesn't have any of the features that the RF style has. The homepage is the same filesize, but threads are ~3 times smaller.
Also, if you usercp > edit options, you can turn avatars, signatures etc off which would save some bandwidth - and use less screenspace.

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I understand. Problem with changing user CP is I surf both on the iphone and pc. I did use the vb whilst away but it doesn't feel quite like home.
I have a similar problem with my desktop and it's lovely huge monitor, and my laptop with it's small monitor, since I use both the left and right cols of the sidebar.

Unfortunately the VB system is too complicated to have two sets of profiles except if you have two usernames. One day though, perhaps...

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I always use teh vb default theme while at work - it looks more, erm... work related :lol:
Good advice :) Just changed it on my work PC.

Doesnt take long to change it back if I want to use the side panel and things at lunch time :)

Edit that, changed it back, I like having everything at my fingertips i.e. training blog and stuff..


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what about a few more stickies/ one stop answer collections... it seams that there are several topics that come up over and over again, like gait analysis etc?

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There already is

To follow threads in all forums you'd use external.php?type=rss2

To follow General Running Chat and Nutrition you'd use external.php?type=rss2&forumids=36,13

To find out a forum id, click on the forum, then click new thread. The number at the end in the address bar is the forum id, e.g. newthread.php?do=newthread&f=13 for Nutrition.

As far as I remember, rss only covers new threads, not replies to existing ones. I haven't dug into the rss file so I may be wrong. I can have a look at all the options if you'd like?
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