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I get exactly the same problem. I used to run 2-3 times a week without any problems, other than a bit of calf tightness. I stopped for a year or so and when back to it as I'm doing a half-marathon in october. I now get the same problems as you. I will tell you what I have found:

A regular sports massage to the calves, achilles, peroneals and anterior shin muscles really helps. Stretching 3 times a day for both the gastrocnemius and soleus is also good.

Check your running shoes, how long have you had them? if its approaching a year or more get some new ones and make sure you get your feet analysed, even if you have done previously, as things change. If you go to a specialist running shop they usually have a treadmill in store that they will watch you run on and u can try out which shoes are best for your foot position. Have a look here, theres loads of info on calf tightness and overpronation:

Also, what I have found is, if i run faster, the pain disappears! If i am joggin along and getting pain, if i literally step up the speed, the pain vanishes! I think this is due to the stride length i take when running faster. So i am currently building up my fitness through cycling/x-training so that i can keep this higher speed up for longer and just running once a week! Thats the theory anyway!

I hope some of this helps you,

Good luck!
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