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Hello everyone,
First of all i would like to say that I'm not a native speaker, so excuse for maybe sometimes not so clear language.

From when i was 12 until 15, i have always been running in an athletics club, after that i started swimming. Last months i've started to run again but, i'm every time confronted with a absurd pain i have never experienced before.
Every time a start to run after a good warm up , i start feeling pain in my soleus on both sides, especialy the right side, if i continue en then stop it realy realy hurts.

I find this strange because i also practice Savate 2 hours a week were balancing on one leg is necessary and i then never feel pain in that area.

I wonder what it could be. Is there someone who has experienced the same?
I would not understand that it is because ive overperformed because i always have to stop after 1km due to this pain.

The last time I tried to run a also had the feeling that my right foot started sleeping.

Anyone with same experience or ideas?

Greets from belgium
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