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Hey 😊 I absolutely LOVE your forum and have found all of the posts and training tips so inspiring in helping with my running progression! I am currently training for a half marathon to raise money for a Cancer charity in support of my elderly neighbour Alan who was recently diagnosed with Cancer.

I have been really enjoying my training, however I have picked up a niggling injury and I'm not too sure how to overcome it! I have tried stretching/resting etc but it doesn't seem to work - I have circled where the injury is in the image below. It seems to start after about 5 minutes of running and is quite a sharp pain which usually disappears an hour or so after I stop - any advice or support you could give would be massively appreciated! I am tempted to get a gait analysis - are these available in most running shops? 😊 xx

(PS. sorry for showing off my knickers! I needed to try and get the right bit circled and I couldn't fully show it with my leggings on!)
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