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I don't run in the winter. Well I do run but only for 20 minutes on the treadmill in the gym before my workout. It's not worth getting your kit out for a mile is it? I'm not up to running six at this time of the year so I went for the three.
I duly tuned up at a near-by secondary school and found out that everyone apart from me and a girl who told me she didn't run was doing the mile.
"OK" said the man "We've marked out a track around the field, I'm afraid it's a bit soggy down the bottom end." Oh err misis I thought but said doubtfully "Is that a mile then?" I felt the eyes of the room upon me as the man replied indignantly "Yes. Why?" I shrugged.
The weather was awful, wet and windy. A one hundred year old photographer took pictures as we shivered and then we were off. I found my self second to a boy in jeans who sprinted into the monsoon then stopped for a walk after 50 yards. I was the leading after the first lap and and then ran the last two alone only only over-taking a couple with an umbrella who seemed amazed that some idiot was still out there after one circuit.
I didn't wear my watch and it wasn't timed but I'm still convinced that it was the shortest three miles ever.
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