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I am requiring 1 or 2 final subjects for my sports science research at Coventry University. I am looking at the effects on combined sodium bicarbonate and glucose ingestion on high intensity intermittent exercise performance. Although the intermitttent natue of the exercise protocol is not relevant to running, I conduct a VO2max test on each subject, can put together training zones for training based on HR's from the vo2max test, analyse hydration, take skinfolds for body fat% and measure blood lactate,glucose and other fancy things during the intermittent trial. However, the main benefit for runners will be my imput in terms of strength and conditioning specifically for triathlon, advice regarding training for achieveing specific goals (e.g. improving endurance, anaerobic fitness etc) and nutrition (hydration, eating etc).

Subjects need to be male, uninjuried, obviously trained, and available for testing between 9am and 4pm. monday-friday, for around 2 hours on 4 ocassions and 1h on another. As I am nearing the end of my research, I need to hear from people ASAP, because I need your first test to take place next week. As you would expect, such support would cost alot of money usually so this is a great opportunity!!!

Please e-mail ASAP at the following address for further information and to ask any questions : [email protected]
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