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Hi all

I am an amateur runner based in England. During the past 18 months I have suffered from MTSS or “shin splints”. During this period I have tried almost everything to get rid of the pain with the assistance of my physiotherapist and podiatrist, but to no avail. Briefly, I have done the following in order to try and relieve and eliminate the symptoms:

- Followed all of my physio’s advice about exercises / stretches, resting, massage etc, etc.
- Slowly building up exercising and trying to work through the pain barrier – no success – makes pain worse
- Completely rested for weeks on end – no change
- Have had custom orthotics made – no change
- Glucose solution injected into shins to stick periosteum to tibia (this is an experimental procedure in England) – no success

After seeing my physio the pain did initially subside, but it now seems to be stuck at one level – this is probably because I have done no running or exercise now for at least three months, but am still getting pain in my shins. This is very frustrating for me.

I have undergone bone scans, MRI scans and ultrasound scans and all these all show that my shins are perfectly normal – nothing shows up that would explain the pain, but I am still experiencing pain. I have even seen a rheumatologist to see if problem lies with an arthritis type condition, but his investigations proved negative. My consultant is now suggesting that stripping the periosteum along the shin bone on both legs is the next best thing to do. The procedure sounds very brutal and invasive. I have tried to find info on the web, but can’t find much. I would really like to hear other people’s experiences.

I’m hoping one of you guys has had this stripping procedure and would be grateful if you could let me know of your experience. My main concern is that I undergo this brutal procedure, but it still leaves me in pain and I still can’t exercise. The consultant says the aim of it is not only to eliminate pain, but to enable me to return to running. This is what I want.

Thanks in advance for your responses.

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