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Hi All

Please excuse me for using your forum in this way, but I thought it a good way to reach out to the types of athlete that we are after for a clinical trial we are running here at the University of Bath.

The trial is for Taut Endurance, as sponsor of many athletes and Triathletes including Julie Dibbens, and now a partner and sponsor of the BTA too.

The details are below; please contact me to discuss the actual specifics of the trial and for further more detailed information.

Thanks and regards



Human Performance Centre: University of Bath

Effect of Isotonic Sport Drinks on Performance and Hydration Status during Exercise in the Heat

Would you like to take part in trials for a new isotonic sport drink designed for endurance athletes? Isotonic sports drinks have been shown to increase time to fatigue and improving performance in endurance exercise as well as being more effective at combating dehydration compared to water alone. TAUT endurance is different to other available isotonic sports drinks in that it contains no artificial sweeteners, flavourings or colorants.

Study Requirements:
The Human Performance Centre is looking to recruit highly motivated, male, well-trained endurance runners between the ages of 18 and 35 yrs to take part in this comparative study. Females are excluded from participating in this study. The study will involve performing a two-stage endurance exercise test in a warm environment under three different experimental (sports drinks) conditions. In order to facilitate this, subjects would be required to attend the lab in the morning, on four separate occasions at least seven days apart. On each occasion the subjects will be provided with a specific volume of fluid to consume both before the trial commenced, and during its performance. Subjects would also be required to undergo finger-tip blood sampling procedures so as to allow the analysis of certain relevant parameters during the prescribed exercise protocols. Urine samples would also be collected to monitor hydration status.

The four visits to the Human Performance Laboratory would include the following procedures: (i) the completion of one VO2 max test on the treadmill, (~20 minutes duration) completed in order to obtain the individuals exercise intensity for the subsequent endurance exercise trials; (ii) the completion of three endurance exercise trials in a warm environment. All trials will be separated by one week, so a total commitment of four weeks.

The endurance trials will consist of the following, a 90 minute treadmill run at the predetermined 70% of VO2 max, followed 15 minutes later by the performance of a 5 km time trial. All of the endurance trials will be performed in a warm environment of approximately 25 degrees centigrade.
In addition to being part of the first trials of this new isotonic sport drink, as thanks you will be given free TAUT merchandise and a supply of TAUT endurance, plus receive a small gratuity. Furthermore, we will be able to provide you with data from your VO2max test, including lactate threshold and heart rate training zone information.

Contact details:
If you would like to be a subject or are keen to find out more information about the requirements of the study please contact Jonathan Robinson [email protected] on 01225 385161 or 01225 386396 for a no obligation chat about the procedures and requirements involved.

Jonathan is a B.A.S.E.S. Accredited Applied Sports Scientist in the area of physiology, and the Human Performance Laboratory Director in the Department of Sports Development at the University of Bath. He has provided applied sport science support to a wide range of clients over the past 9 years. His main background is the physiological testing of athletes, and provision of specific advice generated from those test results.
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