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Hi Everyone,

I'm taking part in the Dopey Challenge at Disney in January 2020, its a 5km, 10km, HM, FM one day after another. I have really started to up the distances I am running and am in need of some new trainers, this is the best place I can think of for honest suggestions and opinions!

I'm not serious or knowledgable enough to give you an in depth analysis of my running gait, and I know that if I do overpronate its only very slightly - But I do have quite high arches and my feet tend to blister very easily if they are allowed to slip around in a shoe. Ive written a list of the shoes I have tried and what I thought of them to give you all an idea.

Hoka Bondi 6 - Love the cushioning but I don't feel like they are very supportive, feel bulky and cumbersome on longer runs and not very 'bouncy.' Almost feel like the softness of the sole is taking the energy out of my legs, it feels very wide and my foot almost feels like it has too much space in the shoe (if thats even a thing!)

Adidas Ultraboost - As above, love the cushioning, but not particularly supportive.

On Cloudsurfer - Generally uncomfortable, gave me sore shins!

Im essentially looking for the glass slipper that is cushioned enough to get me through a Marathon, will support my arches enough, but still feel responsive and not toobulky.

Feel free to tell me that I am crazy and that I am asking for the earth! Any help that you can offer is appreciated as I am getting confused now with all the options!
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