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How do you know that your favorite pair have already served their purpose? How many miles on average you can run in the same pair of running shoes and when is it time to change them?

Several reasons can equally reduce and extend the life of your sneakers.

1. Coverage and tasks

Use the sneakers strictly for the intended purpose. In highway shoes train on the asphalt, in slim models run in competitions, in trail running shoes on the off-road. Do not try to make any pair universal.

2. The intensity of training and total mileage

For the majority of people, sneakers keep optimum depreciation for mileage of up to 600-800 km. Slim-soled marathon sneakers wear out faster after 400-500 km. An interesting fact: the initial depreciation of shoes is reduced from 100% to 67% after 150 miles (or 240 km), to 60% after 500 miles (800 km).

3. Weight of the runner

Manufacturers focus on an abstract runner with a medium build. If you weigh more than average, your sneakers will wear out faster.

There are additional factors. The individual biomechanics of running affects how a person puts his foot. Pronation does not affect wear, unless you have selected sneakers that are not suitable for your type.

How to understand that it’s time to change sneakers?

Less obvious signs

- The midsole is too hard, and there are longitudinal folds on it. Shoes can no longer provide you with the same depreciation as before.

- Examine the top of the sneaker, whether it keeps its shape or not. If the sides of your shoe are worn out but the sole is still in good condition, it could mean that you have selected the wrong size for your foot.

Do a little experiment: throw your sneakers from a meter and a half down. How did they land: did they start swinging back and forth or sideways for a second or longer? It's not supposed to be like that, the shoes had already served their purpose.

More obvious signs

- Assess the condition of the outside sole. Shoe sole protector, does it look worn out? Any cracks? Or, worse, is the midsole visible? It's time to say goodbye to the sneakers.

- Your feelings: if you no longer feel the return of energy during the training or unexpected pain appeared, this is also a sign that the shoe has reached the end of its life.

- Is the back of the shoe unstable? You risk getting injured during the training.
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