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I managed to "run" continuously this morning for 25 mins! Hurrah! I hurt my back a couple of weeks ago and had to stop my couch to 5k training programme for a bit. Then on Tuesday I went out for 2 x 10 min runs. I was feeling a bit queasy before I went and wasn't sure if it was a bug from DS or nerves as I hadn't run for a while and was worried my fitness would have reverted to non existent. However, that training run went really well. Unfortunately I was ill later on that evening! :(

Went out again on Thursday and struggled a bit but still managed to complete the 2 x 10 mins. I think I was still a bit off colour from the sickness bug and also my legs felt like lead, probably from Tuesday's run.

Today I started off heavy legged and also set off at a faster pace than I usually go. We went so far and then turned round to come back. I looked at my watch and it said 9.59, I looked a minute later and it said 10.00. However, I thought I was still looking at my stopwatch and felt disconcerted at having to run another 15 mins. Luckily my running partner told me we only had another 5 mins to go. Somehow my watch had switched to normal time and and my brain couldn't make it out!

This week will be 25 mins on Tuesday and Thursday and 30 mins on Sunday. Soon we'll have to start training on grass for the RFL. That should be interesting!
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