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I really like running, I like marathons, I also like cross-country, and I felt the same way at first, but then I found out it wasn't a problem at all.

The marathon is very lively, known as informatization, much like a project manager executing a project according to class, much like a student reading literati for a long time in class. The marathon gives us a lot of "fight for the goal, get feedback," and, best of all, see results with every effort.

Off-road is lonely, unknown information, much like a business development post to expand into an unknown market, like a researcher exploring an unknown territory, you have to work hard to assess the day-to-day changes every moment, and that's very exciting, very enthusiasm. Trail running is closer to our "discrete inner cultivation" and closer to our daily life. Trail running is an "environment forcing you to think", what can you get, or you want to see what you usually look like, the kung fu is in the poem.

I ran a lot of long-distance cross-country races, and each race can have new feelings and breakthroughs. It may be because of the lack of usual training, which is very hard. But because of this, every game is a torment, but it is unforgettable. This is the moment when you break through your life. Philosophers call me. Quantity of physicists becomes mass. I like to call this "wake up after the fact".

Yes, running made me rediscover myself and he was my "key character defining time". This change will help you shed the outer shell of mundane and traditional concepts, breaking and fire.
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