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On 2 September myself and five employees form Hunter & Partners will be taking part in the Wight Challenge on the Isle of Wight. The Wight Challenge covers 29 miles – 19 miles cycling, followed by a seven mile run and finishing as a team for three miles in an open canoe.
To day I manage a 7 mile ride followed by a 11.1k run (1 hour), training seems to be going well. With no real pains.

From a position in the middle of May having not run since I left school (47 this year), I defiantly feel that the training is going in the right direction. The first sets of 400m around the local track dam nearly killed me.

It was not until I discovered my running pace of 5 min kilos that it seemed to fall into place. The advice on this forum about starting slowly and gradually building up the distance is without doubt the best advice that any beginner should follow, oh and invest in a good pair of running shoes.

The riding section is the easy part, if I m on the road bike 30-40 miles is straight forward, but until this challenge was presented to me I was defiantly a non runner, I am actually starting to enjoy running!

Please take a look at our web page (which has not updated)
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