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First off Hello... this is my first post on the board but have been reading for a few days, I’m 15 (16 in may) and have been running for nearly 3 years now, I’m 6 foot 1" and fairly big built (though not huge) I hope to join the Royal Marines in later life but for now I’m an avid boxer and love to do 'road work' ( </A=where this site comes in.)

I consider my self to be fairly fit and have been active all my life but only recently I’ve I ever had a injury problem.

It all happened probably two months ago now, I was forced to take about 7-10 days off due to a chest infection I then came back and continued training, un-fortunately I pulled my lower back and the chest infection came back (not great luck!!)

So about a month ago I started back up training, the only stuff I’d been doing was weight training to keep on top of my strength (also important to me) but now when ever I run more than 400 is meters both my calves begin to tighten up it's the lower part of my calve that is giving me the main grief and after a mile or so I get to the point where I am un-able to flex and the ankle.

I was wondering if anyone could have an idea what this could be... I’m going to get my self a doctors appointment and hopefully see a physio but I thought it was worth asking on her to get some opinions.

A few things I think may be helpful are I’m 15 there for still growing, I’ve gained a fair bit of lean muscle over the past year or so, I’m in no way fat but do weigh in at around 13 and a half to 14 stone. I always warm up vigorously and have no past serious injuries.

It's really getting me down right now as I was making great progress with my running.

Any ideas at all?

Hope it can be sorted out ASAP

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