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Hi guy's, I have got Epilepsy!.... and need piece of mind when running or cycling so my Family can keep a track on my where-abouts. So my question his... can I get some kind of app on my phone or would I need to buy a tracker with a SIM card. I have a garmin 235 watch if that helps.

Thanks Phil. 馃憤

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Hi everyone! Has anyone tried Garmin's vivosmart activity tracker? I am an amateur runner but I think a good quality tracker would help me improve my performance, it is rather expensive though checked online and the lowest price is 99.99 pounds at amazon
So any feedback would be really helpful!! Thanks in advance!
If you don't want to spend any money, just install Strava on your phone and track your runs using that.

For decent reviews on the options go and read Look at Polar and TomTom as well, they might be cheaper than Garmin for equivalent models.

However, there's no magic bullet to improving your performance. Recording your runs gives you a useful log that you can use to guide your training, but you still have to train appropriately. You don't need a watch for that, though it does help.

Also, be wary of the difference between "activity tracker" and a running watch. Activity trackers are generally intended for tracking steps, though many will also do running related things too. Most current running watches also do step tracking now but are a lot better at the running side of things.

If your primary reason for buying one is for running, then you may be better off long term with a running specific watch. But it depends on what you want out of it.
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