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Hi all,

I´ve been working in a project which I´d like to share with you all, it was built for those like you who like running.
I´m writing this post because I´m looking for BETA users who will help me to identify bugs and most important improve the system to be officially released;

The website works in 3 steps:
- signin into your account
- select a route from the list, you can run from Milan to Barcelona for example (so far we have routes in USA, Europe and Brazil)
- Take note of your progress, for example, you covered 5Km this morning, go to your page and type 5 and you will see your progress on the map.

You will have so much fun by crossing the world day-by-day, at least in the virtual world :), as we use Google Maps you can play with zoom in and satellite view for example.

Please, visit the website and feel free to contact if you have any question,

To become a BETA user you only need to sign in, your email will not be distribute, you dont even need to imput your email if you prefer to.


Hope you like it, looking forward to hearing from you all.

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