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I am returning or wanting to return to competitive running after retiring in 2000.

I was a competitive club runner and able to run in the high 5 and low 6 min miles.

Since I quit I have put on 2 stone but also been on the weights and so my frame is larger than I was .. I used to run at around 13 9 and I am now 15 7 ish and going up and down!

I have done some training runs to see where I am at and it seems that I still have the endurance as in I did 4 8 milers 2 weeks ago and recovered very well and have done one 9 miler and some 3 milers ... best 3 miler is 23.44 but I have done a 21 on the treadmill a couple of weeks ago.

I would like to do some 10k's again and maybe do a 5 k race in the middle of the training as I think I will pick up fitness very well .. at the moment with 3 weeks runs here and there my resting pulse is 46 but used to be 34

I would like to train at least 4 times a week with some track work so could anyone give me any decent 10k tips please.... I have done this before but I want to start from scratch.

To help you

I am 36 in 2 weeks
Weigh 15 st 8 today

Have a 5k PB late 17 mins
Have a PB late 37 mins 10k

Cheers :embarrassed:

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Howdy Simon, sounds fairly similar to my situation 3 years ago, I'd ran as a schoolboy, (though only running shorter distances) then managed to put on a load of weight, peaking at 15st7lb not long before turning 21... I just tried to get out and run here and there (2miles at a time was about all I could manage) and then chose a training plan to stick to - for that reason I'd suggest finding a reasonable training schedule that fits in with your lifestyle!

for a 10k, I don't think you'd really need to run too far on your long runs, though of course you'd benefit from longer runs if you plan to go on to race longer distances... just make sure you get yourself out the door regularly, and when you feel able make sure you throw some hillwork, speed work (intervals, tempo runs & fartlek) and any other strength building runs you can think of into the mix.

I'm not a fan of the runnersworld forum, but I can't deny they have a great library of training tips, and a large number of training schedules to choose from!

Hope you stick around and enjoy the forum :d
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