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Hi All, New member here.
I'm a casual 5/10/15k runner 3-4 times a week (mainly for fitness/ease of time it takes, i.e before work/lunch time run) relatively fit from other regular multi sport participation. 34 years old. Never attempted a Marathon before.

With exactly 50 days until the VLM 2021, I was offered a space through a corporate sponsor which I accepted with the aim to slowly 'jeff' my way to the end. I'm not chasing a time with that little notice, my main aim is to get around before cutoff and celebrate with my family after whilst raising money for a good cause 😀.
Although I was given a corporate space, I will be running/raising for Cancer Research.

Does anyone have any experience with being a back of the pack/slow runner at the LM?
I read that in 2019 it was a horrible experience (assuming other years it was ok?) There was a pledge by organisers right after, stating that would never happen again and back of the pack runners going forward would be treated to encouragement /DJ / Pacers /Hydration stations - however i have seen absolutely nothing about that this year.

see more here - What happens if you're at the back of the pack in the London Marathon? | Women's Running

There seems to be little/no information on back of the pack runners or the pledge they made before and then as part of a recent email they have mentioned there will be no pacers this year amongst a host of other changes.

Although no official announcement, I assume the cut off will be ~8hours.
As part of my registration I have said it will take me 6 hours slowly Run/Walking 11-12 min miles :cool:
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