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We all started running for one reason or another but the vast majority would include Weight Loss in any list we might ask them to compile.
Within this Forum we have a thread in the Nutrition Subforum entitled Wednesday Weight Club.
Many forum members would have at one time or another used it to get weekly motivation for managing or getting their weight into kilter.

The rules are simple...
Weigh yourself once every week - ideally at the same time and same state (e.g. Wednesday after a run)
Post that weight in the thread

Signing up is simple - just go here and post your start and target weights (pref in stone & lbs) and then simply post your new weight each week.

We do a weekly spreadsheet then, showing everyone's progress (or not!), and award the accolade of 'Biggest loser' - usually posted at the weekend.

So, what are you waiting for? The good news is that beginners usually shed the lbs much faster in their early weeks than the veterans and, of all, you get to embarrass them into staying focussed.
Good banter on there too! If you're into shedding a few lbs then we can help eachother!
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