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... after much procrastinating I've put in for the ballot for FLM this year. My husband will probably kill me.

If I don't get in I am probably going to go for a charity place with Cancer Research if they'll have me in memory of a family member who died this year.

Can't believe I'm even considering the torment again, as my times are still really slow and I have a niggling sciatic problem.

But... Have increased my fitness thanks to joining a tri club, and learning how to swim the crawl (well sort of!)...

And, I really really do want to do it again.

I am blogging about my training at:

And if anyone is still interested/feels like some inspiration, a not so subtle reminder that my book Running on Empty is available through a good bookshop near you. Or failing that can be bought via Amazon, the Running4Women website, or by sending me an email!

Anyone going for FLM for the first time who thinks, yikes, I can't do it! - that was me two years ago, and I wasn't a runner.

Believe you me, if I can, anyone can!!

Hope we're all enjoying our autumn running - I know I am !

Marathon Mumxxx
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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