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I recently bought a smartband to monitor my HR during excercise and I was surprised with the results.

I realized that when sprinting my heartrate only goes up to 130-140 and cant push it higher even when I almost cant breathe.

However when I start joggin even with the slightest tempo close to a paced walk my HR is around 150. If I jog somewhat faster it goes up to the 160-ish range. My max HR recorded was 171.

I'm 37/85kg/182cm. I do jog and sprint once or twice each week plus have two training sessions per week since the beginning of the year. I dont think I'm undertrained, and I just dont understand why my HR is lower when I'm pushing harder, and why is it so high when I'm not really making any effort.

I tested the smartband comparing its measurements to that of a pulseoximeter and it seems to be accurate.

Is it something that I dont get right, but I suppose my springint heart rate should be higher compared to jogging?
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